Feel the experience


At Renovatio Experience we work with a single objective, to create unique experiences for our customers. For this reason, in addition to offering you the best conditions for high-end car rental and super sports, we put at your disposal our offer of restaurants, hotels, routes to take and other activities of interest.

01. Plan your trip

Use our platform to find the car you are looking for. Inside the technique docs of each car you will find a specific form that you will have to fill in all the rental details and where you can request information about other activities or offers of interest such as restaurants, hotels, routes to perform, productions, events.

02. Decide the best

Once we receive your request with the information, our team will analyze it and will contact you to offer you a personalized quote and make all our offers or activities of interest complementary to the vehicle rental available to you. Then, follow our instructions to make the reservation on the web.

03. Enjoy the experience

After making the reservation we will deliver the vehicle on the date and place agreed, either at the door of your house or in a specific location that you can need. By that time our team will have helped you organize the plan perfect and you can enjoy an exclusive and luxurious experience with one of our high-end cars.

Live an unforgettable experience

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