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Bentley rental in Marbella

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Bentley rental in Marbella

Marbella is located in the Andalusia region, on the so-called Costa del Sol. This city is well known for luxury and glamor. We tell you why, to the west we can locate the well-known Golden Mile, where you will find a large number of destinations such as popular nightclubs, the Banús marina, being able to appreciate the most luxurious yachts and in turn having around the most glamorous. We have a fleet of extraordinary brands and models so you can choose what best suits your style, personality or your driving. This Malaga town is not only known nationally for its international celebrity, but also for its indisputable beauty of the old town.

Bentley is a good choice, do you want to know why?

Anglo-Saxon automobile company Bentley Motors Limited was created in England, headquartered in Crewe and founded by Walter Owen Bentley. He was a very recognized person since he designed aeronautical radial engines during the First World War. Subsequently, it began to produce cars of a high level of luxury, being highly esteemed for its mechanical reliability. Thanks to this they did not go unnoticed in endurance tests, achieving the victory in four editions in a row in the 24 Hours of Le Mans races. In 1931, it became Rolls-Royce and in 1998 it became part of the Volkswagen group. This brand contains the perfect composition between luxury, performance, power and speed, that is why we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to try one of our available models.

Which model should I choose?

Bentley is a brand that will make you shine, that is why we will help you solve all your doubts so that you make the choice that best suits what you are looking for, always relying on your tastes, personality and your way of driving. In addition, we can speak with confidence when we say that any car you rent from our fleet will make you relive emotions that you thought you would never have again. If you want a car with a high level of performance, we have one of the fastest Bentley models, the Continental GTC, with 616hp of power, all-wheel drive for greater safety and, also, reaching speeds above 300 km / h. These high-end cars are the ideal choice if you want luxury, comfort and reliability.

The opportunity to rent a luxury car is in your hands

If you have never had the opportunity to have a luxury car, now you have the option to rent it and start feeling the whole history of this brand, if you have ever driven one of our models, do not hesitate to try another so that you can live experiences different. If you want to create new memories in your life, go ahead and take a break renting a luxury car in Marbella and get ready for what Bentley has in store for you. Are you one of those who bet on new experiences?

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