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Land Rover rental in Ibiza

*Cars that are not at the desired destination will be charged an additional transportation fee.

Land Rover rental in Ibiza

We finish off with one of the most magical and most beautiful destinations in all of Spain, one of the most anticipated brands for lovers of luxury and adventure. Come visit this fantasy island and rent a Land Rover in Ibiza, we will send it to you wherever you are. It is one of the most visited places by famous people and very identified with luxury, it is distinguished not only for its complete nightlife, full of exclusive nightclubs, but for the sum of quiet villas, coves, beaches and its crystal clear waters, hotels luxury, bars or shops and retirement places that will make your stay something very exclusive and special. Prepare to let yourself be enveloped by the charms of this destination. Is there a better way to escape from the routine than moving through this destination at the hands of one of our glamorous Land Rover models? This brand has earned its fame for being an icon in the manufacture of all-wheel drive cars. It is the only company that is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of sport utility vehicles and SUVs, that is why its triumph and its worldwide recognition as one of the best choices when it comes to prefering a 4x4 car. At renovatio experience we have preferred to choose the most exclusive luxury brands so that you can have a unique adventure, this together with being able to drive along its beautiful coast and its mountains, will catch you for its charming views and landscapes.

Find out more about the history of Land Rover

Land Rover, British automaker. Today, it is part of the Tata Motors group. The leaders of the Rover company, the Wilks brothers, had the idea of ​​making an off-road car for the public. After joining Leyland, they later became the British Leyland company. In 1994 BMW, a German company, absorbed the Rover group, and in 2000 it became a Ford Group. This company was the original in developing electronic aids in off-road driving, created and designed the HDC (system for control of descent in a slope). These cars were manufactured with the aim of offering the image of robustness and, in addition, it was used as an image of adventure.

Which Land Rover model should you choose for this city?

Would you like to choose a model that promises robustness and security? At Renovatio Experience we have different models to get what you are looking for, like the Range Rover Sport, with 292hp of power and all-wheel drive. These high-end cars will give us all the luxury and comfort desired. This brand also gives us the great opportunity to choose between several different models such as, Range Rover Vogue 2019, with all-wheel drive and a power of 275 hp. They can reach 200 km / h of maximum speed. Are you ready to make your choice now?

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