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McLaren rental in Ibiza

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McLaren rental in Ibiza

One of the most luxurious and charming destinations in all of Spain is now available. It is one of the most visited places famous for its high level of luxury. You can now rent a McLaren in Ibiza now. This destination is known not only for its busy nightlife, full of prestigious nightclubs, but for the number of quiet villas, crystal clear waters, coves, beaches, hotels, retirement places, bars or shops that will fill your stay with a unique magic on this island. If you want to live a luxurious experience and escape the routine, now is your chance to rent a high-end car and thus merge into an environment out of the ordinary.

Learn more about McLaren's history

McLaren is a British manufacturer of sports cars. It was instituted by Bruce McLaren, who applied the technology used for Formula 1 in his designs. He lived in New Zealand, where he devoted himself to training in engineering and automobiles in a workshop that belonged to his father. In 1963, he founded McLaren Motor Racing. Later, they designed the first McLaren racing vehicle and, 15 years later, it was merged with Ron Dennis' Project 4 Racing. This union brought along the designer, John Barnard. McLaren was a forerunner in the use of carbon fiber in auto racing with its own new car, opening up new opportunities for toughness and safety for the Formula 1 driver. Full carbon fiber has never been used in racing cars, although it was previously used in aerospace systems. At Renovatio experience we have selected the brands and models of cars that will make you experience the exciting world of luxury in first person, it is your opportunity to start your adventure and feel the history of these exciting cars in your own hands.

Which McLaren model should I choose?

If you do not know which model to choose we will help you, we have a team with many years of experience in the automotive sector that will advise you and guide you throughout the process so that your decision is appropriate and you can carry out the adventure you were looking for. . We usually see various cars that attract a lot of attention for our personality or the way we drive. If what you want is a sports car we invite you to stop by to see our McLaren 720 S model, two-seater and with rear-wheel drive, with 717hp hp, and reaching a maximum speed of over 320 km / h. Would you like to be part of the privileged who will savor the thrill of driving a high-end sports car at high speed? At Renovatio Experiencie we do not rent sports, we rent experiences that will make you feel totally new sensations. Are you ready to feel the true speed on this dreamy island?

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