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McLaren rental in Madrid

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McLaren rental in Madrid

We have new shipments to the Spanish capital so you can get one of the most anticipated vehicles for lovers of speed and luxury. Renting a McLaren is already an option. McLaren is a globally recognized and renowned automobile brand. This British brand will provoke endless emotions, not only for the beauty in its styles and designs but for the speed they can achieve and for the materials used in their manufacture.

Why should I choose a McLaren?

McLaren is an English sports car company. It was founded by Bruce McLaren, with the name of McLaren Cars, based his designs on the technology used for Formula 1. In New Zealand he learned about engineering and automobiles in a workshop that belonged to his father. In 1963, he founded McLaren Motor Racing. After a year, they made the first McLaren racing vehicle. In 1980, he joined Ron Dennis' Project 4 Racing. The merger brought the designer, John Barnard. Carbon fiber was already used in aerospace systems, but had never been fully applied to racing vehicles. McLaren was the first to use carbon fiber in auto racing with his new car, which provided new horizons of toughness and safety for the Formula 1 driver. At Renovatio experience we believe in the tastes of our clients, for this reason, we have brought a fleet of McLaren cars that will take you into the passionate world of luxury and in turn you can feel as if you were driving a Formula 1 car yourself .

Which model should I choose?

We know that the decision of the model is never easy since there may be several that call our attention due to our personality or our way of driving, therefore we have an expert team in this sector that will advise and guide you during the process in case so you can make the best decision and thus carry out the experience you were looking for. If you want a super sports vehicle, we advise you to take a look at our McLaren 720 S, redefined to give it a true touch of luxury and style, with 717 hp of power, and reaching a maximum speed of 320 km / h. The opportunity to have luxury and speed at the same time is the present. Only some chosen and daring will enjoy the excitement of driving a sports car of this size. Are you ready to feel the speed? At Renovatio Experiencie we not only offer vehicles, we promise unique and unforgettable experiences so that history is engraved forever in your memories. Also, if you are one of those who prefer coastal places we have different provinces of the Spanish territory so that you can adjust your experience to your tastes.

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